May 21st 2018

For this month’s Partner Of The Month feature, we catch up with one of our newest, Stephen Prosser, who has just started his first league in the West Midlands. He kicked his league off less than two months after receiving his training, so it seemed like a perfect time to find out just how he did it!

You’ve had a pretty quick uptake. 7 weeks from training to starting a league – talk us through what you did? I went in with a plan to restart a league that had been running through Leisure Leagues before within the area that I purchased. Within the first week I made sure that all physical promotion I could do was out then it was a case of using all forms of social media to get in touch with people and spread the word. The teams have come from asking in favours with family and friends, competition leagues and Facebook promotions.

What made you think of the Brierley Hill area? I have lived in that area all my life and know a number of 3G pitches within it and no real league established so thought why not. With my previous experience, I was always confident I could start.

Your first league might went well, you must’ve been thrilled? It was brilliant! All teams turned up and enjoyed it, have even had a 9th team sign up on the first night of the league so now the words spreading. You just have to be on the ball.

I believe you have had some more teams over. Are you planning to expand? I am looking to start a new division of starting Monday 25th June 2018 depending on the amount that sign up as word is spreading fast.

And what of the future? More areas? More nights? I have my first league in the Wolverhampton area starting Sunday 10th of June, then build both to its max capacity (if possible). After that I want at least two or three other leagues set up in the areas I have already. I am also in contact with another venue in the area, as they have a new 3G that is being built and only has availability for the one day I can’t do at my Brierley Hill venue.

And I believe your brother is one of the teams – makes it a real family affair. I hope you are going to keep him in line!? Without doubt! He knows the rules and is doing it to keep him busy during the off season for football. My dad is going to be helping on the side of management in the Brierley Hill area as well as he still lives in that area and wants to help out as much as he can.

As one of our newest Partners, what advice would you give to anyone looking to join us? Be ready to put more time in when you start and by all means get the first one started. I feel now I have one started I can keep going now which is the key thing and the main reason why I am doing it.

And once they have joined as a partner, what would you say was the most crucial thing to take of? Be patient and answer any queries anyone has about the league because you don’t know where your teams are going to come from. Know your competition and put the hard work in at the start and you will see the rewards.

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