February 1st 2019

On 15th June 1996, Paul Gascoigne scored one of the most famous goals in England history, when he got the second against Scotland. But it was what happened next that passed into folklore.

Gazza and his team mates got down to recreate the “Dentists Chair”. A reference to one of the nights of debauchery that had gone on before the tournament and for which they had been vilified by the press.

Well, almost 23 years later, their legacy lives on, thanks in part to the Leisure Leagues Prize Draw.

At last month’s draw – which you can see here – Peter Beardsley from the Brierley Hill league were pulled out of the winners pot. The spin of the wheel  saw them land on the magnificent prize of £500 of Nike Vouchers.

When our cameras caught up with them in Black Country this week, the boys were in celebratory mood. Eager to show their skills with a special drill they had prepared.

Things, though, didn’t go smoothly, and the lads may need to buy some shooting boots with their windfall…..but once they’d finally located the back of the net, there was only one way they were going to celebrate.

I think you can see where they got the inspiration from, can’t you?

The February Prize Draw – for all the league winners, runners up, MVP’s and Wooden Spoon Winners in January – takes place on Tuesday. Keep an eye on Facebook see when we go live.

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