June 3rd 2020

We are delighted that the latest Leisure Leagues Prize Draw is happening tonight.

Another in the Stay At Home Series of Lockdown editons, will see not just a brand new challenge but a special prize.

This episode will resonate with those who have been enjoying the Euro 96 re-runs on TV, as we are giving a replica England top – just like the one worn in THAT Semi-Final with Germany.

With the usual prizes not available, as due to lockdown regulations, our leagues have since been able to operate since March, this month’s challenge is a very special one: The Chocolate Challenge will see Aoife, the little daughter of our Social Media Manager, Phil take centre stage in perhaps the sweetest challenge we’ve ever had (in all senses of the word).

There is a serious point about these draws too, as Presenter Tom Nash explained: “The first Wednesday of the month is prize draw day for thousands of people,” he said. “And in this time when everything is up in the air, we want Leisure Leagues to be something you can rely on.

“We have increasingly seen that even with no leagues running at the moment – a situation we expect to change very soon – that teams are using us to stay together and connected, which is fantastic.”

Hopefully, we will be able to get a more regular prize draw in July, with some league winners prizes – and of course, the star prize will still be a holiday to watch a game in one of Europe’s top leagues.

The winner of the Euro 96 shirt will be announced on Friday via our Instagram page.

Tune into the Leisure Leagues Facebook and Instagram page tonight at 8pm to watch the draw live.


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