January 9th 2019

The first Leisure Leagues Prize Draw of 2019 took place at Head Office yesterday, and it kept up the fun – literally.

In amongst the prize giving – both with spins of the wheel and the watching fans on Facebook – there were the usual challenges, with Leisure Leagues staff pitting their wits against each other with a game of keepy-uppy and a post Christmas press up challenge.

First was the Wooden Spoon and Most Valuable Player Draw – Dixy’s Pigeons will see Joey Barton’s autobiography winging its way to Nuneaton after that’s where the wheel landed, while Adam Jones from our Gloucester Sunday league will definitely have his shooting boots on, as he won a brand new pair of football boots for being the best player this season (and filling his Player Card in – the only way you can get the honour is to sign up on our website).

Then, just a few minutes later it was the big one.

The runners up and winners from December, first saw Bench FC – the second placed team from our Ashton Under Lyne (a place with a rich football tradition and home to three world cup winners, fact fans) Sunday league – take some replica kits, then the winners were up.

The brilliantly named Peter Beardsley from our Brierley Hill league were the lucky ones picked out, but the £12,000 holiday to Germany courtesy of our friends at UHLSPORT still remains unclaimed, but the boys will be thrilled with their £500 Nike Vouchers no doubt.

But, before that was a matter of pride for LL staff. John – who is up for a challenge – and Sam, began their New Year’s fitness regimes by taking part in a game to see who could complete the most press ups in a minute. The winner (despite some dodgy looking ones here and there….) was John, while Sam ended up face down….

As ever there were opportunities for the watching Facebook audience to win too, and those that correctly guessed Tom would win the keep-uppy and John would be the king of press-ups, received a crate of Carling for their efforts.

There will be another draw in February, so like us on Facebook for your chance to win.


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