April 22nd 2020
Stay At Home Special - All The Latest Prize Draw News
stay at time special

The prize draw Stay At Home Special is happening tonight – and it gives YOU a chance to win whether you are in one of the entered teams or not.

A number of exclusive Stay At Home prizes are on offer for this lockdown special, with the very top prize of £250 towards your mortgage – and lets face it, who couldn’t use a little bit of help with that, right now.

Elsewhere, there is £100 worth of shopping vouchers for the runners up, while the MVP can get through the next couple of weeks of lockdown with a 5 Litre Beer Keg.

But because this is a very special draw – and because we are all going through this together right now – we wanted you, the viewers to get a chance to win too.

So, because we are all looking forward to the re-run of the wonderful month that was Euro 96, we are offering you the chance to sit in front of your television wearing a retro England kit from the era.

And don’t worry, this one is just a special, so anyone that is in tonight, will be back in the regular prize draw, which will return when we do – and we will be back giving you the chance to go to a holiday to watch a match in one of Europe’s top leagues. Just like these boys, Class Of 09 from Reading did. Check out their weekend in Germany, right here, as they sampled a weekend they will never forget in Stuttgart, all thanks to us at Leisure Leagues.

The prize wheel is stuck at Head Office which is closed, so tonight, for the special we have James and his dartboard.

So, remember, stay at home and just head to our Facebook page, at 6.30 tonight, where we will be live with you.

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