February 8th 2021

The other day on social media, one of our teams was asking their followers to donate their old boots for an initiative, to help young footballers in Africa get adequate equipment.

Boots 2 Africa – when we looked into it further – was a wonderful scheme, and we would like to bring it to the intention of everyone today, so that our worldwide network of players might be able to do some good.

According to the charity’s website, “Millions of children across Africa have no shoes, for school, life and playing sports and games.  Disease, infections and snakebites kill thousands and injure and incapacitate many others every year.  Many others struggle physically and needlessly because of illness caused from infections of the foot. “

So they’ve come up with a way to help.

“Thousands of people in the United Kingdom, Europe and other first world countries, discard their football boots at the end of each playing season.  Most boots are adaptable to life in bush towns and urban settlements.  At Boots2Africa we can help #changethegame and improve life chances for children in Africa by supporting beneficiary organisations with donations of boots, kits and accessories.”

We have the largest online community of footballers anywhere in the world, and more players than anyone else, together with a history of donations to charities and good causes – we donate to many organisations throughout the year – including this one a few years ago where staged a game in Kroo Bay, Sierra Leone after one of our players helped build a well out there (pictured above).

Especially at a time like this where many of you might be thinking of buying new boots in readiness to return after lockdown, it would be wonderful if we could do some good throughout the world.

To find out more about Boots2Africa and how you can help, click here: http://www.boots2africa.co.uk/

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