February 4th 2019

The brand new Redditch 6 a side league kicked off last week, and with the friendly matches out of the way we can really begin to look forward to the first week of league fixtures.

The league has proved so popular since it was first put on the Leisure Leagues website in early January that the start date had to be brought forward in order to accommodate the huge demand.

This week the games were with the aim of making sure teams were placed in the right divisions, so whilst nothing can really be gleaned from the matches, but Arrow Sail to Victory in particular looked impressive in their game.

League Manager, Adam Glover, said he was delighted with the way everything was shaping up. He added: “These grading games are vital to make everything competitive. We can’t wait to get everything going in Redditch, we really can’t.”

Adam was also quick to praise the venue at Redditch Football Club, saying:  “It is vital to us that we only use the very best pitches and that the leagues are real focal points for the community and this one, being at the premier football club in the area, is showing all the signs of being exactly that.

There is still space for extra teams to join the league in Redditch ahead of the big kick off next Sunday. Teams that are keen to do play can find all the information here: https://www.leisureleagues.net/league/redditch-united-fc/redditch-sunday

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