May 6th 2021
Safari, So Good

A Segway safari sounds like nearly as much fun as a game of 6 a side, doesn’t it?! Well, a lucky team from Bury St Edmunds will be scooting about the countryside thanks to winning our Prize Draw.

Rafa Cakes got the tasty prize thanks to BuyAGift, and they weren’t the only ones to win big on the brand new prize draw.

Wanyamas In Pyjamas, who play in our Lincoln Sunday League, will be getting the chance to hone their skills with a training session from FTY Lab, and the MVP Marcus Skinner will be the toast of his teammates after scooping a bottle of 16 Year Old Whiskey.

The final one of the prizes this week saw Gary Casey, from another of the Lincoln Teams – Stroke Titty, grab himself a pair of Adidas Predator Boots.

To watch the whole show from last week, click below:

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