December 15th 2017
Santa's Little Helpers Relax Ahead Of Busy Week

Santa’s Little Helpers got some light relief this week as they geared up for their busy week with a game of a 6 a side.

Footballers at a community football league got the shock of their lives, when a squad turned up from Lapland to play a one-off match.

The bizarre turn of events took place at a league run by Leisure Leagues – the world’s largest provider of small sided football – and, as if to prove that the Christmas Spirit was alive and well, the team won 1-0 before returning to help their boss get ready for the big day.

Area Manager Jon D’arcy takes up the story: “The guys – and their little elf – rang us to ask if they could play as they needed to get away from all the wrapping and mince pies, plus Father Christmas gets a little stressed this time of year and it’s best to keep out of his way. We know how busy they’ll be next week so were only too glad to help. It was, after all, the last chance they’d get for some fun as they might be a bit pushed for a while. They’d better be because I want something nice in my stocking!”

When they aren’t in busy on the backs of sleighs and steering Reindeer, the team were really called Regardless (they really did win 1-0 though), with Jon adding: “In all seriousness, it is wonderful that the leagues are the scenes of such fun and community spirit. The lads and one of their daughters had been raising money for charity and but didn’t want to miss their game! This just shows how important the league is, and we are thrilled that teams enjoy it so much.”

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