May 29th 2019

As Liverpool and Spurs prepare to face off in Madrid in the Champions League final this weekend, carrying the hopes and dreams of their fans with them worldwide, your team could be the next with their names on the trophy!

The Socca Champions League – the 6 a side equivalent of the showpiece 11 a side fixture – will take place again this autumn in the stunning Slovenian city of Maribor.

Last year we were thrilled that a Leisure Leagues went to Croatia and took on the world. Here’s what they had to say – this year it would be great to see as many teams as possible joining the best club sides from around the world to fly the flag not just for us, but for the whole league network.

The short, sharp tournament begins on Thursday September 5th and ends on Sunday September 8th and will see the best club teams in the world will be taking part, all with the aim of winning the crown that was first won by Dyanmik Touran last year, in Croatia.

Entry is now open, so for further information, please visit the official Tournament Page


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