October 15th 2019

Staggeringly, the 6 a side World Cup is one third completed.

Now, might be a good time to reflect on the goings (or “goal-ings”?) on so far at the Leisure Leagues Stadium in Rethymno.

It all got underway on Saturday morning, as Egypt recorded their first ever victory at World level, and there was a packed day of action thereafter, Oman, Russia, Poland, Scotkland and Colombia all securing impressive wins.

Then, all eyes turned to the official opening ceremony, and anyone who saw the show on Sunday night will never forget it. Dazzling lights, fireworks like it was New Year’s Eve and Champions League winner, Djibril Cisse spinning the decks – everywhere you looked there was something astonishing.

That was matched by the football. Thousands watched as Greece drew, England won and Brazil and Colombia couldn’t be separated.

All this paved the way for an incendiary Monday. Off the pitch, there was a Socca summit, where the future of the world’s most inclusive sport was mapped out, and on it, goals fired in from all angles.

Notably as holders Germany – who had been beaten on Saturday night – were pegged back to 3-3 from 30-0 up against Romania, and Greece gave the partisan crowd something to cheer as they saw of the challenge of Chile 4-2.

The situation in the groups should become clearer over the next 24 hours, and you can watch all the action live here: https://soccafederation.com/competition/crete-2019/

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