June 18th 2019

Teams to the left of me, refs to the right…..OK, those were not the words of Stealers Wheel, but the brand new 6 a side league in Middleton certainly kicked off with a performance to reach number one last night – as Leisure League is a sure-fire hit.

When the annals of Leisure Leagues are finally written, they will still be talking about the opening game. 6 a side historians will be going through the record books to see if there’s ever been a bigger margin of victory  to kick a season off!

The match on everyone’s lips was Alan Carr’s Barmy Army (pictured) – who were not necessarily chatty men, but got down to business and thumped Lynx Effect 19-1.

This week, though Lynx can erase the smell of that defeat when they take on Lengston’s Lads who began with a win of the own – albeit one that was slightly more sedate, seeing off JW Lees FC by the odd goal in three.

Special mention to the Ganganeers, though, who on any other day would have taken the headlines with a 14-0 smoking of Borussia Nashers – but this was no ordinary day, was it?!

The league at The Sports Area is looking to expand. If you want to join in the fun on a Monday night, then click here:  https://www.leisureleagues.net/league/the-sports-arena-hopwood-hall-college/manchester-monday

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