April 22nd 2022

Back in November 2021 we were delighted to take over the running of the Tewkesbury School Sports Centre 6 a side league – and we were even more delighted that the long-standing teams have embraced the new league so much.

The Prawns – one of the longest standing teams in the competition – are in a unique position to tell us all about it

Andy Hillier, the skipper of the side for over a decade looked back into history and explained: “Back in 2011 the “Tewkesbury Prawns” were one of the first teams to join this league, and made their debut on September 26th, at 9:20pm. They regrettably lost the game 12-0, but they continued to play in the competition, unfazed by their defeat.”

As with any long-standing team there were ups and downs, players leaving and life getting in the way, all of which led to a seismic change in 2020. After the first lockdown was relaxed, things had to come to a make or break situation – the lads though, loved their Monday nights too much to let them go, with Andy commenting: “The squad was having difficulty fielding a team every week. However, Dave, the team’s goalkeeper, also played for “The Desperado’s,” who were having the same problem, and the two teams combined to create “The Prawns.”

The change obviously worked for them, as a beaming Andy proudly explained:  “Last season, The Prawns had one of their best seasons.  going undefeated and winning their division, in addition to receiving a fantastic trophy from Leisure Leagues.”

As with any side that’s been together that long, there have, over the course of 11 years, been many line-up changes as the squad evolved. Stats man Andy said:  “36 different players have played for the squad, with only a few founding members remaining”

He is very proud, too of the team’s distinctive uniform, commenting:  “The team’s unique pink and black kit has always stood out among the other teams, and the referees and other players know them well.”

The Prawns 2022 version have found the going tougher in the top league, and in a situation that rather mirrors the Premier League’s relegation fight, they sit in the Burnley position of being a point behind in the relegation zone with three games left, starting with a game on Monday against mid-table Beans.

One thing is for sure, though, The Prawns will be back for more next time around. For the boys in the pink and black, 6 a side is in the blood.

Join the league in Tewkesbury: https://www.leisureleagues.net/league/tewkesbury-school-sports-centre/tewkesbury-monday

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