September 8th 2020
The Best 6 a side League In Hereford Is Also The Best Value

Leisure Leagues announced its return to Hereford with this promise: We are best for quality, but also the best for price.

The world’s largest provider of 6 a side football has just announced a brand new league in Hereford, at Pegasus Junior FC, meaning a return to the town for the first time for a few years.

To celebrate, they are offering a free kit to all new teams, but also a price of £20 which is a massive £15 cheaper than Soccersixes league at the same venue.

Area Manager, Adam Glover, who is looking after the league at Pegasus explained: “Leisure Leagues has a long history in Hereford and we are very, very pleased to be back in the town, offering our brand of 6 a side football to the community. We know the leagues in the area haven’t been the best quality recently, and we are delighted to be changing that.”

The league at Pegasus (pictured) is due to start in October, and will be vital too, with Adam adding:  “Leisure Leagues have been at the forefront of the campaign to get the nation moving again – and have received parliamentary backing for our initiative from the likes of Julian Knight, the Chairman of the DCMS Select Committee. We see it as particularly important to bring this type of exercise and fitness to the communities of places up and down the land, and we can’t wait to get started at Pegasus.”

All Leisure Leagues competitions are also subject to strict measures to ensure the leagues are as safe as possible in this Covid-19 age. These include not paying with cash and players not being allowed within two metres of the referee. Adam added: “These have been going really well so far and everyone has been abiding by them brilliantly. It just goes to show, really, how much people wanted to play football after this lockdown.”

The winning teams in the league will be entered into the Prize Draw, with the chance to win some huge prizes – prior to lockdown, two teams went on holiday’s to Europe to watch top games – and there are also awards for the MVP and Golden Boot winners.

To join the best leagues in Hereford – for quality and price – click this link:

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