August 12th 2019

A couple of weeks ago we revealed the stunning trophy for the Leisure Leagues powered, Independent Socca Federation World Cup this October.

Created by world-renowned artist Nikos Karokis, the wonderful work captures the very essence of the spirit that is right at the heart of Socca.

Nikos is no stranger to sporting work, having created the iconic logo for the 2004 European Championships, and in 2007 he was voted by 11.500 fans of Panathinaikos football team, as the artist who was to create their 100 year anniversary logo.

Now, with  the Socca 2019 trophy, he has developed something that means so much more than a mere trophy. Indeed, as he explained to our cameras, in an exclusive interview, the bold design represents him just as much as the players in Crete.

To watch the video, click here:

32 nations, from 6 continents, including players from the Leisure Leagues network worldwide, will be battling it out to see who takes the title from Germany, who were the first winners in 2018.

Last week we offered we announced the chance for you and five of your mates to go to Crete as our guests to watch the final stages. Click here to find out how it could be you! 

To find out about Nikos Karokis, visit his website here:


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