May 8th 2020
unleash the inner beast

Get Ready to unleash your inner beast. We’re Ready to let you, that’s our message to you today as the UK prepares for a relaxation of the lockdown.

We know the last eight weeks or so without football have been tough for everyone. We haven’t run a league in the UK since 19th March, so we know how hard it has been for you, our millions of loyal players.

So today, like you, we celebrate the sacrifice made by those 75 years ago, in the knowledge that one day soon this period – one of the strangest in modern times –  too will be over.

Footballers all over the country  – no, make that all over the world – are feeling like caged animals at the moment, so we say: Get Ready To  Unleash Your Inner Beast with us.

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to address the nation on Sunday evening regarding a partial – at least – relaxation of the lockdown rules, millions will be waiting to see what it means as we begin to return to normal.

At Leisure Leagues we will, of course comply with the regulations. Just as we have since the beginning of March when the true extent of the crisis became clear.

We have already been drawing up plans for how our leagues will look  when they start up again, as ensuring your safety will be our priority.

We are very proud of all of you and the sacrifices we have all made – and are still making –  to get through this. We are proud of our community leagues, and the way they bring people together. Even in the age of social distancing, we continue to do just that, albeit digitally, with our social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have great content every day to brighten your wait for the new normal to begin.

One day soon, we will be back on the pitch. So get ready.

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