October 6th 2022

Almost 50 people from across the Warwick Area got back to sport this week as a brand-new initiative got underway in the town.

Netball Leagues – a firm specialising in community netball designed to get people active and playing – saw their new league begin this week and, as spokesman Adam Glover said, it had got off to a brilliant start.

“It was fantastic to see everyone just enjoying themselves,” said Adam. “That is absolutely what we do. We reach out to people who might not have got into the school team, who haven’t played sport for years and those who just want to make some new friends. All of those things happened here.”

The fact that you do not need a team is a key reason for the success, with Adam explaining: “Most of the people in our leagues are not in an existing structure and have been attracted by our Single Player sign up feature.”

This means that anyone can get a game, with Adam adding: “Just sign up and we’ll make sure you’ve got a team. We understand people might be nervous at taking up a sport, in some cases the first time and others for the first time in perhaps decades,, and we can promise a supportive, welcoming atmosphere. A little like the Park Run for netball, if you will.”

The facilities at Aylesford School make for the perfect environment too, and Adam stated that they had done all they could to support the community initiative and added: “We look forward to growing it with them throughout the next few months.”

Men are also welcomed, with a couple of men trying their hand at netball for the first time on Monday, and anyone 16 or over is welcome to sign up here and try something new: https://www.netball-leagues.co.uk/league/aylesford-school-and-sixth-form/warwick-monday/?ref_c=FCGX9iBhHWq4

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