May 9th 2019

Admit it; you’ve always wanted a photo of the Leisure Leagues’ staff, haven’t you?

Ok, probably not, but nonetheless, Who Ate All Depay’s in Brierley Hill are the proud recipients of exactly that, after they won the wooden spoon for April in the LL Draw which took place this week.

Don’t worry, the other prizes were a bit better than that (and I’d argue that a photo of all of us is a bit better than a greeting from Wagner, anyway) but still we do like the joke ones a bit

After the Wooden Spoon it was the turn of the MVP’s, and that was won by a player from Ginger Gaffer in the Market Rasen league. Their case is an interesting one, given that they were the UK Representatives in the Champions League last year and their skills have clearly improved.

Then it was the big one.

The winners and runners up draw is always a thrill each month and even with no challenges this month, as we decided to let Jon and Phil have time off from making fools of themselves, it was still exciting.

Lord Of The Rings in our Romsey league were pulled out of the runners up pot and after the wheel landed on a £150 Nandos Gift Card, it seems as though the lads will be having plenty of cheeky nights out on us.

Which left just the winners to be picked out.

And with a £12,000 holiday to be won – just like it was a few months ago – Peaky Blinders were surely ready to ready celebrate something big.

By order of the wheel, as it were, they didn’t get the holiday, but they will be off on a Football Darts Experience. Which is double top whichever way you look at it.

The prize draw will be back in June, on the first Tuesday no less, and we might even get Jon and Phil back and making fools of themselves.

There’s only one way to find out, though, and that’s to head to Facebook for the latest.

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