February 3rd 2021
Mark Answers Your Questions

The world’s best referee right in your living room? Only with us!

That’s what happened last night for the thousands that follow us on Instagram, as you were given a chance to grill Mark Clattenburg as he took part in a special Ask Me Anything event on our Instagram page.

Questions rained in from all over the world, as people asked Mark about his life, his career in the Premier League and his life since, in the Middle East and China and now Greece.

And of course, as he’s one of our ambassadors and we are the world’s biggest 5, 6 and 7 a side firm, there were questions about the 6 a side world cups that Mark has been part of in Crete and Lisbon.

Watch all his answers here:


Mark has recently signed back on to be our Ambassador again and we look forward to many more events like this, both online and at Leisure Leagues competitions in person when the lockdown is over.

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If you want to be a referee in one of our leagues, and possibly have Mark Clattenburg with you at some point in 2021,then click here.

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