April 10th 2017
Franchisee In Spotlight: David Neil

David has purchased a franchise to run Leisure Leagues in Chelmsford, Essex. In our latest Franchisee in Spotlight feature, we catch up with him to find how it’s all going so far.

You are relatively new as a Franchisee, how is going so far?

It’s going really well I am really pleased. The support has been brilliant and really has made the first steps in the business a pleasure.

Teams seem to be coming nicely, tell us a little of how you have been recruiting them?

Yes, the teams are flying in at the moment. I done a bit of everything really when it comes to recruiting teams. I have approached local business, door to door flyering, online advertising and used the Leisure Leagues Facebook Ads as well as  doing an open day at a local college.

The venue you have chosen to start at. What was it that made you pick that one?

The Venue at Moulsham High School is a great venue for many reasons. Chelsea Academy play out of there every day of the week is one and its a great location close to the town centre. But the main reason Moulsham was a key venue was because of the status it has with the local community. A lot of locals spent their whole education there from Infant School to High School and then on to college so has a great sense of nostalgia for the local community.

Moving forward, I am sure you don’t want to just stop at the one venue?

No I am always looking for the next venue. At the moment competition is tough in the area so I am looking all options in terms of indoor and outdoor venues to really supply the community all types of football.

Any plans for any other areas?

Yes I have already been speaking with Head Office about what my options are for expansion and now I am looking at getting a plan in place to move towards this.

If you could give one piece of advice to others who may be thinking now about buying a franchise, what would it be?

DO IT!!! Don’t be fooled, you are running your own business and yes you are your own boss and that isn’t for everyone, but with the Leisure League franchise you really are getting more than your monies worth. You will not get the kind of support you do here anywhere else.

On top of that its FOOTBALL!!! And football sells. Its an easy business with high rewards for those who are willing to make the most of the opportunity, whether you’re part time or full time like me you can make a great return on your investment.

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