October 16th 2020
Guernsey 6 a side Receives Ministerial Praise

Back in June, the Guernsey 6 a side League became the first one to resume after lockdown – receiving national coverage as it did so. Now the Island’s biggest community competition is hitting the headlines again, as one of the most prominent politicians in the States has lent his support to the league.

Deputy Gavin St Pier, the President of the Policy and Resources Committee, told us: “I am very pleased to hear that the Guernsey League, in re-commencing is playing a vital part in the health and well-being of Islanders.”

Indeed, since the Wednesday league got going again, there was such a surge in demand that one night was not enough, and a new Sunday league was quickly sorted to cope with demand.

A delighted Area Manager, Greg Allen said: “Guernsey has always been a place where we are proud to be. The Wednesday league has, for nearly a decade, been a real heartbeat for sport on the Island, and this new Sunday league has quickly been taken to the hearts of so many too.”

Greg thanked Mr. St Pier for his kind words and added: “To receive such support gives everyone a boost. We are very lucky to have a wonderful referee’s team down there in Guernsey, and these accolades are for them, really. They are local people who are working hard to make their community a better place.”

It might well be that such a thought was at the heart of Deputy St. Pier’s praise for Leisure Leagues. He said in his manifesto to Islanders that: “I care passionately about our island home and I want it to be a place that my children can live and thrive. That is what drives me and why I remain committed to working hard in the best interests of the community as a whole.”

Greg said that Leisure Leagues, who are a registered Not for Profit organisation and are committed to donating their profits to charities and good causes, shared the same values: “We want, with our work in Guernsey, to build something lasting. We are already seeing second generations of people playing in the leagues, that’s how long we’ve been running, and that is testament to our long lasting legacy.”

Mr. St Pier has become the second influential government figure to praise Leisure Leagues work in a matter of weeks, as Julian Knight, chairman of the DCMS Select Committee, backed our campaign to get the nation healthy.

To join the leagues in Guernsey, click here: https://www.leisureleagues.net/find-a-league/guernsey

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