June 25th 2020
Guernsey 6 a side

It feels so good to say this after 15 long, inactive weeks, but 6 a side football is back.Guernsey was the venue for 30 teams, about 270 players and a whole lot of action.

When it last took place, on the 18th March, Egg Fried Reus ended with a 6-1 victory, and they started off as if they’d never been on lockdown.

A 3-2 victory over Substandard Liege moved them up to mid-table, Paralympique Marseille, though keep the pressure on, moving up to second as they saw off Les Green Mango’s by the only goal.

Farcelona moved further off the bottom of the Premier League, and gave themselves a chance of staying up after beating Ran Out Of Mane 3-2.

We’ve seen some of the high-fliers start slowly elsewhere in the EPL and EFL’s Project Restart, and the break appeared to hamper division one leaders Jacamo. They dropped their first points this season, losing out 3-2 to Reserves.

They are now just four points clear at the top, after Expected Toulouse saw off struggling Guernsey Academicals 6-1. Inter The Pub remain deep in trouble after losing 3-0 to Baines On Toast.

All three teams in the astonishing race for the top of the table in Division Two won their fixtures. One Foot In The Grave were the most impressive, perhaps. Seeing off bottom of the table 2 Girls 1 Klopp 5-1. Perhaps the Kloppites had their mind on events at Anfield too?

The win was enough for them to extend their goal difference lead over Braden’s Barmy Army, who were victorious, but needed the odd goal in five to beat Likkle Men Town.

League Manager Greg Allen spoke for many when he said: “We are just delighted to be back, providing vital fitness and camaraderie to the people of Guernsey. I don’t think we can underestimate the effect the loss of the leagues has on both physical and mental health. Hopefully this is the light at the end of the tunnel for everywhere else.”

Greg also paid tribute to the venue and the staff, saying: “Everything worked brilliantly in terms of the new Covid-19 protocols, the staff were fantastic.”

This praise also extended to the teams, with Greg saying: “Everyone followed everything to the letter, we were particularly delighted with how many teams paid online as we have asked them to do.”

The action continues into next week and anyone who wants to join can do so here: https://www.leisureleagues.net/league/king-george-v/guernsey-wednesday

Photo by Martin Gray of the Guernsey Free Press

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