April 9th 2020

I saw a tweet this morning that summed it up from someone who supports a Championship team.

“I should have been at football tomorrow and Monday, and the weather is gorgeous, this Easter weekend had potential….” It said.

And it’s true. The heatwave is making everyone long for the Beer Garden, but this is a Bank Holiday weekend like no other.

We are all in lockdown, and this is fourth weekend of restrictions. Everyone wants this to end. But it will end faster if we all follow the advice and Stay At Home, Protect The NHS and Save Lives.

Jack Grealish and Kyle Walker were just two of the 11 a side footballers to set a bad example over the last couple of weekends, and Spurs were caught flouting the social distancing rules yesterday by training in a park. Let’s show the world that 6 a side ballers are made of sterner stuff.

So we wish you and your families a Happy Easter, but more, we want you to stay safe, follow the rules and stay at home.

If you do that, then the quicker it will be when this truly horrible period is over and we can all get back to doing what we love.

Football will return. Lets all do our bit to make the wait as short as possible!

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