December 4th 2020
Hit Show Needs Your Help!

We have been contacted by a TV Company  looking for some support in reaching people for a returning hit Channel 5 and 5-Star cleaning programme ‘Filthy House SOS’ and they want Leisure Leagues teams to help!

They’re looking for people who are struggling to keep on top of their homes and need that professional helping hand. They  are wanting to transform their homes, whilst also teaching them cleaning tips and tricks for the future.

Channel 5’s and 5star’s hit cleaning show is looking for Leisure Leagues players who need some professional help keeping their homes clean and tidy.

Filming in December this year until February 2021, this series sees expert cleaners clean each home in just four days and then gives each of our participant’s tips to keep their home clean for good. For more information, please email [email protected] or fill in an application form here

Leisure Leagues are no strangers to helping broadcasters, even as far back as 10 years ago we were integral to the Gadget Show on Channel 5, we’ve also assisted the BBC on many occasions, most recently when Emma Jones presented our World Cup TV Show and Newsbeat have interviewed our teams.

That is, of course, in addition to the World Cup itself, which reached 300,000,000 worldwide last year.

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