August 14th 2020
Kevin Sees Billericay 6 a side Hit Top Spot

Billericay Town have shown themselves to be one of the most progressive, forward thinking teams in the South East over the last few years, now the entire community of the Essex town can share in their wonderful facilities thanks to Leisure Leagues.

Kevin Collins (pictured above with the Leisure Leagues Powered ISF’s 6 a side World Cup Trophy), is already one of the most successful members of our Partner Scheme, and he has signed a deal to run competitions on one of the finest 4G pitches in the UK. They begin in early September.

Teams have been flooding in for the leagues, and according to Kevin, its easy to see why: “It’s the best pitch I’ve ever been on!” he told us.

Such excellence has taken time and planning, as Kevin explained: “I’ve been talking to Billericay for over a year! The pitches could have been held up by Covid and lockdown, just like everything else I suppose, but they have just been completed – and ahead of schedule too! –  and signed off. They are absolutely state of the art, and I can’t wait to get cracking!”

It marks the culmination of a particularly busy time for Kevin. A proud Essex man himself, a native of Southend, he and his family moved to Wales in the Spring.

Obviously, just after, 6 a side paused but Kevin has used this as an opportunity to focus on everything: “Its given me chance to look where things were going and time with the family. The pace of life here is so different, it’s been great so far despite Coronavirus”.

The outcome of all this thinking was that he purchased some more Leisure Leagues Franchises in Wales, where he can take his proven formula to another place: “I started with the Franchise in Chelmsford, and we’ve cornered the market there! So, we know this works.”

Billericay Town are managed by Jamie O’Hara, the ex-Spurs star, and have had the likes of Jermaine Pennant and Paul Konkchesky playing for them in the recent past. Their current star striker is Jake Robinson, a veteran of more than 250 football league appearances for the likes of Brighton, Shrewsbury and Northampton, and Kev is delighted to announce a Leisure Leagues link: “Yes, we will be sponsoring Jake’s kit for the season.”

There will be even more for Leisure Leagues to feel part of things, as Kevin excitedly added: “As part of the deal I have done with the club, I have managed to secure two lots of seven VIP tickets for the games, so it’ll be great for everyone to be able to watch some Conference South Football. We will probably give them away as prizes,” he said.

This is just the start, though. As Kevin stated firmly. “In a year’s time, obviously there’s an ambition to grow these leagues and get hundreds of local people playing – and I know the club are planning a second pitch, so there’s a lot to do. And of course I want to grow the Welsh side of things too, so its busy, but that’s great!”

To join the leagues in Billericay click here for Sunday or here for Monday

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