July 24th 2017
Leisure Leagues Beamed Around The World

At Leisure Leagues we are proud to run what we think are the best leagues in the world.

Whether its our competitions in England and Wales, or further afield in Ireland, the US or Pakistan, we are the centre of the community, providing fitness, camaraderie and so much more throughout the world.

But last week, thanks to our involvement in the Star Sixes event at the O2, our brand was beamed to millions watching on TV  around the world as well as the thousands in attendance at the venue.

Having the prestigious advertising cubes at one of the planet’s most iconic facilities capped a remarkable two weeks for us, following on from the lavish launch of our leagues in Pakistan – which as you’ll remember saw a world record of 20,000 to crowd watch the Ronaldinho And Friends games – the games in East London were the largest crowd that the UK has ever seen for a small sided game.

Many of our players and refs were able to go and watch the event, thanks to our involvement, with many contacting us to say how incredible it had been to watch the star players first hand.

The good news is that our relationship with Star Sixes is only going to grow in the future so you can look forward to many more years of top class action.

No other small sided can offer what we can offer- that’s why we’ve got a worldwide reputation that cannot be matched.

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