October 9th 2020
Leisure Leagues Receives Top Podcasts Praise As Liverpool League Extends

A top referees podcast has praised Leisure Leagues’ set up as a brand new league expands to include all the teams that are desperate to join.

The 6 a side league at Tiber Football Centre in Liverpool, kicked off this week, and Ant Canavan – host of the Referee Forum Podcast – was the man in the middle.

The Merseyside whistler was thrilled at the set-up, praising the differences between Leisure Leagues and other companies, saying: “This was really well thought out, and really well organised.”

As well as the brand new equipment, which he termed “top-quality”, Ant told his thousands of viewers, “I want to stress how valued I felt, and the phone calls before and after the game helped.”

Ant’s work was one of the key drivers, to ensure word spread around the city and meant that the Toxteth League is able to expand this week as teams are desperate to join. Area Manager, Ashlee Parker, said that whilst she was glad Ant had enjoyed a positive experience, his journey was typical of all the firm’s officials: “We value them all, and we are very proud of what we are able to offer our referees team, both in terms of support and equipment. It is brilliant to have Ant recognise it, though.”

Ashlee was also full of praise for the whole set up at Tiber, which she said had gone “magnificently” on the first night. “The fact we are able to start a new division already is testament to the fact that everything is right.”

The brand new multi-division set up kicks off – with Ant at the helm again – on Monday and to join the league in Liverpool, click here:

Any referees who want to join can click here:

And to watch more of the Referee Forum Podcast, follow Ant’s YouTube channel here:

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