December 31st 2019
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As the second decade of the 21st century draws to a close, it is time to reflect on a memorable ten years at Leisure Leagues. During these years we have seen the business flourish both at home and internationally, and with the continued growth it really is the most exciting time to be part of the Leisure Leagues group.

Time to sit back and enjoy a review of everything that’s happened during this time…

In 2010, we began the Franchise Model and the first Partner joins the Leisure Leagues team, as Steve Hogan purchases the Chester area. This is the start of a long (and extremely happy!) relationship with Steve, who has seen it all over the last 10 years.

Elsewhere, the words ‘Leisure Leagues’ are accepted as a European Trademark. The wheels are in motion for expansion!

By the end of 2011, over 500 divisions of 6 a side football are now being run by Leisure Leagues nationwide, along with over 400 full and part time staff to ensure our teams get the best possible experience at their league.

In 2014 Experian records show that Leisure Leagues is the largest supplier of small sided football leagues in the UK.

The Leisure Leagues brand begins to branch out internationally, as our first leagues in America begin.

A year or so later the first Leisure Leagues operations begin in Pakistan and the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia. Leisure Leagues becomes a truly global brand.

2016 also sees the arrival of our brand new website, which brings access to all new team and player functions (such as Player Cards, online payments, results notifications and improved interface), which is fully functional across all formats, including desktop computers, iPads and mobile devices.

In 2017 we set a World Record as In line with our continued global expansion, Leisure Leagues we saw the largest crowd to watch a 6 a side football match. The event (which is held in Pakistan) sees a match with ‘Ronaldinho & Friends’, which features an array of footballing royalty such as Ryan Giggs, Robert Pires, Nicholas Anelka, Ronaldinho, Luis Boa Morte and David James.

This isn’t the only event we take care of in 2017 however. Leisure Leagues also provides the tournament organisation and all match officials at the inaugural Star Sixes event, hosted at the 02 Arena in London.

The first ‘Partner Seminar’ is held at Hotel Latour in Birmingham, an opportunity for Partners to meet one another and Head Office staff, and learn all about the new website and how to get best use of it.

It is at this Seminar that Partners first hear of the latest innovation from Leisure Leagues as well, with the launch of the brand new monthly Prize Draw, featuring a ‘Spin The Wheel’ feature. The star prize for the monthly prize draw sees league winners have the chance to win a £12,000 football holiday for the team, along with a host of other amazing prizes. This has been win twice in 2019 and Class Of 09 have already sampled it their prize.

The first Partner Steering Committee meeting is held, a committee which is designed to allow Partners to discuss their ideas and questions with Head Office. Michael Clark is unanimously voted as the Chairman of the Committee.

The second Partner Seminar was held in 2018 held, as all Leisure Leagues Partners are invited to Park Regis Hotel in Birmingham for a two day event. Over the course of the two days, Partners are provided with a review of updates to the website, offers and information about expanding their businesses and earning rewards for doing this, an awards ceremony, and listen to talks from fellow Partners on how they have made their business a success.

Richard Scott takes home the prestigious ‘Partner Of The Year’ award, while other prize winners include Shen Yohanantham, who received ‘Achievement Of The Year’, Adam Brittain, winner of the ‘Special Recognition Award’ and Richard & James Ockelford, who win the ‘New Partner Of The Year’ award.

The international growth gains even more speed, as Leisure Leagues partner with International Socca Federation to host two huge 6 a side events.

The inaugural small sided World Cup is held in Lisbon, Portugal, as 32 nations from across the globe come together for the tournament which is won by Germany. Leisure Leagues Partners Richard and James Ockelford got VIP access and subsides thanks to our partnership with ISF.

Meanwhile club sides are given the chance to take part in a multinational tournament as well, as the first Champions League takes part in Porec, Croatia. 24 teams take part from across Europe, including Ginger Gaffer FC from our Partner Michael Clark’s Horncastle league. Again, they receive subsidies through the Leisure Leagues & ISF Partnership. The tournament is won by Polish team Dynamik Torrun.

Leisure Leagues also launch the brand new Netball Leagues website, giving Partners the chance to branch out to a whole new audience at no extra cost.

In the latter part of the decade we were to see many famous faces come on board, with big names such as Ron Atkinson, Mark Clattenburg, Emma Jones and Bobby Madley joining Ronaldinho and Ryan Giggs as Leisure Leagues ambassadors.

The third Partner Seminar is again a huge success, as Partners stay at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham for another two day event. Along with a similar set up to the previous Seminar, the event is made extra special by a talk with Ron Atkinson, who also takes time for photos and questions with Partners.

Award winners from the class of 2019 include Stuart Tuckett, who wins ‘New Partner Of The Year’, Leisure Leagues stalwart Steve Hogan taking the ‘Special Recognition’ award, Richard Scott win the ‘Achievement Of The Year’, and Shen Yohanantham receive the ‘Partner Of The Year’.

We also see the second small sided World Cup take place, this time in Crete, Greece. It’s even bigger and better than before, with forty teams participating before Russia are eventually crowned Champions.

Elsewhere 24 teams fly out to Maribor in Slovenia for the second Champions League, with Slovenian side Arko Kljucarovci reigning supreme.

As the decade draws to a close, we are proud that we have well over 1 million people in the Leisure Leagues Family, from Pakistan to Mexico, from Ireland to Egypt, and we are proud of our standing as the World’s Largest provider of 6 a side football.

That was a massive ten years. Whatever the decade from 2020 to 2030 holds in store, you can be sure we will continue to innovate while others imitate. We are Leisure Leagues – and we are the best in the World.

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