April 10th 2018
Multi-million Pound Deal Secures Leisure Leagues’ Global Identity

A significant deal has been finalised which has secured the global brand and identity of Leisure Leagues throughout the international community.

The UK arms of Leisure Leagues and World Group (based in Pakistan and own the Pakistan arm of Leisure Leagues) have cemented their relationship and are now joint partners in all Leisure Leagues operations throughout the globe.

A Leisure Leagues spokesperson commented “this is a significant step for the Leisure Leagues brand internationally and in the UK as it now means that all Leisure Leagues operations, including in the UK, will be jointly owned by the UK and Pakistan meaning that our global reach is able to extend further and better, reaching out to more countries in the process”.

Previously Leisure Leagues was a wholly UK owned organisation but, with this new deal in place, World Group have acquired the ownership rights of 50% of the UK and international operation giving World Group a significant investment in the UK football market.

The spokesman further commented: “It is fantastic news that Pakistan, through World Group, are making such progress in the international football market and have been instrumental in the formation of our first truly global events. Now, with their significant investment in the UK product, World Group and Pakistan are at the forefront of the football industry here in the UK having taken this significant partnership stake in what is the UK’s longest established and largest small-sided football operator, Leisure Leagues.”

Shahzeb Trunkwala from World Group commented “to have equal ownership over such a significant and long established British organisation such as Leisure Leagues now means that from our bases both in the UK and Pakistan we can reach out to the rest of the world and get more people, wherever they are, leading fitter, healthier lifestyles by engaging in active, competitive sport at a level they can play at.”

A UK Leisure Leagues spokesman said: “we are delighted that World Group and their fantastic team are joining with us to oversee Leisure Leagues’ global expansion, and wonderful news too that Pakistan will be at the forefront of developing football and soccer across the globe, along with us. There are exciting times ahead.”


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