March 24th 2021
New Homepage Goes Live As Leagues Restart

We are delighted to unveil our new Homepage today, as the website gets a spring clean before the leagues return.

The homepage redesign features a new, sleek interface deigned to incorporate video and all devices.

Director Tom Nash was delighted with the new look, but added it was only the first step down a path that will see many improvements this year:  “Yesterday, obviously marked the first year since our leagues paused with the lockdown, but this feels like a new dawn, with the vaccine and the return of the leagues. It feels exactly the right time to have a new, fresh outlook. We have so many improvements that we want to make and new ideas to implement, it’s fantastic.

“To our players we say: ‘thanks for sticking with us, we are only just getting started. Watch this space!’”

Teams have been flying in to the leagues in recent days since March 29th was inked in as the day football could return, mirroring the other lockdowns where a massive influx of players has been desperate to play, with Tom commenting: “there’s no doubt that people cannot wait. September 2020 was a record month for us and March and April are shaping up to be the same.”

Leagues get underway tonight again, with Guernsey kicking off.

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