April 25th 2018

One of our newer partners, Jack Jones from Trowbridge, was in the spotlight – literally – earlier in the year at the Partner Seminar. This month, he is the subject of our April Partner chat on the website, as we catch up with him to reflect as he heads towards his first anniversary with us.

So Jack, you’ve been with us since late summer last year, what led you to think about small sided football as a business opportunity? I have always been involved in small sided football, transitioning that passion into a business just seemed like the logical move.

The Thursday league looks like it’s going really well. I believe it’s extended? It certainly is, we recently expanded from 16 to 20 teams due to the massive demand we have now and brought in someone to focus on filming the games and taking pictures.

And you have plans for a new Tuesday one?  The Tuesday league is pencilled in for the start of May so if we can attract enough teams that would be fantastic.

Looking at your Facebook Group, you seem to have a thriving community feel, how key is that your thoughts? I think our digital platforms are our most effective form of recruitment and retention! It has never been easier to access a target market as it is today so I believe it is vitally important that we capitalise on this at every opportunity. The digital media we now produce has gone down amazingly well with all our teams!

….And there’s some great goals there! You must have some good players playing?!  We have all standards playing in our leagues from lads that play Saturday football to people who are simply playing to keep fit and enjoy a run around! We have even had a few players that play in National League South attend

And what are your plans for the future? Maybe some more areas or more leagues in your existing location?Hopefully we can make the Tuesday league a success and get that up and running, I am also in talks with 3 other venues which we will be looking at starting before the end of the year and looking to expand my territory further.

Finally, having been with us a while now, what is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone who is doing the same? If you really want to make this venture a success you have to look at it as more than a business, if you’re passionate about football and improving the standard of the small sided game it will be the easiest and the best decision you will ever make.

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