September 9th 2022

Everyone at Leisure Leagues shares the sorrow of both the whole country and the wider world at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday.

Her loss will be felt keenly in the country and after her 70 years of service to the nation she has been a constant rock throughout everyone’s lives, particularly in the last few years of turbulence.

We send our sincere condolences to her family, close friends and anyone who feels her loss. She was a great supporter of sports, and the new King Charles III has been supportive of Leisure Leagues in the past.

We would also like to clarify to our customers that your leagues will remain on where we can throughout the period of national mourning that has been declared by government earlier today.

At Leisure Leagues we believe that it is vital that communities continue to come together throughout this time and bond through sport in a way that nothing else can.

If this changes on an individual league basis, we will of course let you know by contacting as soon as we can, in line with our commitment to giving you the best service we possibly can and giving people the opportunity to play sport.

Finally we say: Thank you Queen Elizabeth, Rest In Peace.

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