December 31st 2020
Simon Says: Watch Out In 2021

Leisure Leagues’ newest partner set out his ambitious plans to revolutionise small-sided football in his hometown and said: 2021 is going to be huge!

Simon Blinco has just taken on the Salford Franchise and – after his Zoom training just before Christmas – immediately set to work.

He has already got one league set up, at the plush Co-Op Academy, and plans to add more: “I can’t wait to get started,” he told us. “My aim is to start three as soon as possible.”

For Simon though, it is more than a chance to make money from the nation’s passion, rather, he wants to give something back to the community in which he lives: “As a keen footballer myself, I have always been amazed at the scarcity of pitches in the area,” he said. “There are barely any opportunities for people to play in Salford, which is a terrible shame and that’s why these leagues are going to be so vital for everyone moving forward.”

Anyone who has watched the recent Class Of 92 TV show on Sky Sports will have seen the struggles that Salford City had finding adequate training facilities, and that’s a problem that Simon recognises: “The Co-op Academy is brilliant and its close to the Salford City ground too, so like them we want to get right to the heart of the community.”

Simon, though, despite the fact he lives deep in the heart of Manchester United territory, is not a fan of the Red Devils: “No,” he laughs, “I must be the only Coventry City fan in Salford, but my dad was born there and I follow the team.”

He has more pressing things on his mind right now than the fate of the Sky Blues, he’s got leagues to start as soon as Manchester is out of Tier 4. “Everyone is going to want to play,” he suggests, “and I can’t wait to finally give Salford the opportunities I never had, and to start some brilliant 6 a side leagues.”

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