September 11th 2020
Soccersixes Lose Out As Leisure Leagues Partner Becomes The Only Game In Town
Dan Webb
Taking over some Soccersixes leagues was as easy as 1,2,3 for one of our Partners. Venues have flocked to work with Dan Webb as his reputation spread – until he made sure that Leisure Leagues were the only game in town.
Dan, from Wiltshire (pictured here with the Leisure Leagues powered World Cup Trophy), has been with us for 18 months, building up his league portfolio from one to an incredible five in his first 12 months before lockdown. This success has meant he has been able to take over three separate leagues from Soccersixes in his local area.
A delighted Dan explained how it happened. “Each league came about in a different way,” he told us. “The first one I took over was the Chippenham Sunday league at Stanley Park”.
If ever there was proof that persistence paid off, it was here, with Dan telling us: “I had been trying to get a booking here for ages but I kept getting turned away.” Then the professionalism of Leisure Leagues – well known throughout the world – came to the fore. “One day a player contacted me to complain about Soccersixes and asked me if I could take over the league,” added Dan.
Sensing an opportunity, he swung into action: “I contacted the venue and explained the situation to them.” Soccersixes, who are a by-word for low quality competitions, were given an ultimatum to improve. They did not.
So Stanley Park turned to Dan to give the people of Chippenham some vital sport and a real fitness fix for the community. “I was given a month to get a league going and managed to start with six teams. A year into it, and we now have an eight team league and two teams on the waiting list. The plan is to extend the league next season and utilise two pitches.”
After the success in Chippenham, word got around that Dan was the man in Wiltshire. He’s too modest to admit that, of course, but he continues to explain how he helped wipe Soccersixes off the map in the county. “The second league I took over was in Swindon at the Gerard Buxton Sports Ground. This time I was already aware that their league was struggling so I decided to run alongside them”.
As ever, quality and service speak for themselves when a top notch league is operating next to a Soccersixes one, as Dan adds: ”When teams heard that I was also setting up a Sunday league they all jumped ship. So very soon there was no Soccersixes league left to run alongside. The league is about to come to the end of its first season and hopefully this competition will also be able to extend to eight teams.”
Buoyed by the success on a Sunday, the last one of the trio was also at Stanley Park, this time offering some Monday Night Football. Soccersixes – after being kicked off the Sunday slot – tried to get a Monday league going instead. However, because of what was being offered by Leisure Leagues, they never got more than two or three teams turning up on any given night. There were other problems too, with Dan confiding: “From what I gather they weren’t paying their invoices because this time the venue contacted me and asked me to take the league on.”
Eager for the opportunity, it wasn’t without problems, as Dan admitted: “Unfortunately, they only gave me two weeks to get a league going, so I had to think fast and decided to move my closest league over to this new venue. It was a better pitch; 3G instead of Astro.”
The risk paid off however, and some new teams were gained, and a delighted Dan is content with the outcome: “I know I made the right decision because after only a few weeks running I have a full league of ten teams with four more on the waiting list.”
He has been able to do this, because of the Leisure Leagues’ reputation and teams are thrilled at the changes: “The teams all comment that the Leisure Leagues competitions are are the best leagues they have played in with the best organisation by far,” he beamed. There are knock on benefits too: “The venues are happy because the leagues are well run which gives them much needed cash in these difficult times but it is also a good platform for them to associate with such a reputable company as Leisure Leagues.”
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