September 10th 2021
Special Delivery For A School In Taunton Makes Sport Accessible For All

A school in Somerset has taken delivery of hundreds of pounds worth of equipment as the World’s largest provider of community sport continue to support organisations all over the country.

The pupils of Bishop Fox’s in Taunton returned to classes this week after the summer break, and they’ll be benefitting from all kinds of state of the art gear.

Leisure Leagues’ Stewart West explains: “We have delivered balls, bibs and cones to support the school’s P.E department, and we are delighted to have done so.”

Leisure Leagues’ Andy Thorley underlined the importance of working with venues to benefit the whole community. “We are proud that for over 30 years we have provided sport to people across the country, making activity accessible to those who might not have been able to take part without us,” he said.

The donation of the top of the range balls, bibs and cones is yet another aspect of that commitment as Andy added: “We are thrilled to be able to step in like this and help the school. It’s been a difficult period for everyone and money is tight – and the school rightly has other priorities for their money, we hope that this donation – which is one of many we have given to schools and venues across the world – will mean football and sport in general will be accessible for all the pupils.

The new season in the Bishop Fox’s School kicks off on the 30th September 2021.

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Picture show Stewart with the School Head Ms K. Tonkin.

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