November 6th 2020
Trackers And Brace For The Leisure Leagues Prize Draw

The Leisure Leagues Prize Draw made a glorious return this month – as the new format saw thousands of pounds worth of prizes won again.

The winners, runners up, MVP and Golden Boot prizes were given away and incredible tech and fashion items will be going all around the UK after all the fun of Wednesday night.

Top billing went to Forty Winks in Buntwood, as the winners of last season in the Black Country league get six Adidas GMR Boot Trackers and a Nike Premier League Ball.

The trackers are the latest state of the art technology  to transfer  your real-world football skills into the gaming world. The tag is  a specially designed insole slip into any footwear to detect your on-pitch moves, then sync and display them as stats in the GMR app on your mobile. You can then use those stats to unlock digital rewards and build your Ultimate Team™ in EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile.

The runners up, Ivory Toast from Southampton Thursday also got the trackers, while Phillip Bishop, The MVP will be getting an Adidas Humanrace shirt.

Last but not least, Tony Smalley from Preston Vapours won the golden boot award and got a pair of incredible boots of his own, as he scooped some Nike Dreamspeed Mecurial Vapours.

As always, though, there was plenty of fun elsewhere as Leisure Leagues staff took part in a blindfold pitch and put challenge, and we caught up with the winners of last month’s star prize, a team in Manchester who gambled and won some Google Home Mini’s for their trouble.

And because we don’t leave anyone out, ever, one lucky viewer got a copy of Fifa 21 just for tuning in.

There will be more next month – as not even another lockdown will stop us.

Runners Up:

6x Adidas GMR Boot Tracker

Ivory Toast (Southampton Thursday)


Adidas Humanrace Shirt

Phillip Bishop, Colonel Getafe (Southampton Thursday)

Golden Boot

Nike Dreamspeed Mecurial Vapours

Tony Smalley (Preston Monday)


6x Adidas GMR Boot Trackers and Nike Premier League Ball)

Forty Winks (Burntwood Sunday)


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