August 4th 2022

“We can’t pass to someone in our shirts”.

“It’s like the players have never met each other”.

We’ve all heard those shouts at football matches throughout the country – and no doubt at your leagues too.  Well, one team in our South Wales leagues has come up with a solution to both those problems. We’ll let Matthew Lea from Ken’s Boys take up the story.

“We merged with another team,” explained Matt. “But the problem was they had three brothers in, triplets. And these boys really looked the same! We couldn’t tell them apart, it made for a real tricky situation!”

Matt, though, had a plan so he got vests made for the Symons triplets, Matthew, Ben and Rob (pictured): “It made it much easier, that’s for sure!” He laughed. “It was a great bit of fun, and the boys all have a laugh about it, which is what its all about.”

Matt formed the team when “I put a bit of timber on” and having played football in his younger days he was keen to get back active. He’d made the decision to join a SoccerSixes league in Bridgend, “because we knew some lads up there, including the triplets”, but things turned sour when they wanted to leave. “We weren’t happy with the organisation there and one or two other things,” explained Matt, “so we moved to Leisure Leagues. Now they are threatening us and trying to make us pay for the whole season. “

Clearly they are not able to demand such a huge payment and Leisure Leagues Area Manager, Greg Allen, underlined the company’s approach. “We encourage all teams that are in this position to send us all correspondence from Soccer Sixes. We’ll deal with it on your behalf. All we want you to do is enjoy your football with us.”

That’s what the team have done. Now with two teams in the leagues in the Bridgend and Pencoed area. The Sunday side, Byth In Galo are sitting just a point off the top, while the Monday side, Ken’s Boys, is having a sensational time.

Winning the bottom division last season, they have found the going just as good this time around, and are assured promotion, needing just a point from the last two games to win the league.

The form of the team in the league has attracted the national scouts too, as Wales National 6 a side manager. Barry John elaborates: “They are decent players, and very decent lads,” he said. “I’ve watched them a few times and I hadn’t got any idea who was who, so I will have to go back now the Symons’ have got their vests. They will be very helpful!”

Despite the rapid ascent up the pyramid, Matthew, though, has modest aims for the Premier League campaign: “We reckon that might be tough,” he reasoned. “But you know what? We’ll give it a right good go and enjoy it!”

Because they will be either winners or runners up the Matthew, the Symons brothers and the rest of Ken’s Boys, will find themselves in line for a shot at winning one of the huge prizes that are given away in our monthly TV show. Find out if they scoop the star prize and to Benidorm, when the September instalment airs on the 6th at 7pm.

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