July 23rd 2021

We are delighted this afternoon to reveal a brand new partnership between Leisure Leagues and the University of South Wales, which will provide incredible opportunities for students and match officials to go to the World Cup in 2022.

Announcing the deal this week, Leisure Leagues’ Development Director Martin Cassidy said: “These are amazing facilities, and both students at USW and the wider community will see the benefits.”

The leagues will be operated through the brand new, dedicated Uni Leagues website, and they will be kicking off when the new term begins in September.

There are three nights to choose from, giving the maximum opportunities for the over 22,000 students from over 120 countries,  that are attached to USW, but that is only part of the story, as Martin explained: “By playing in these leagues, you could find yourself on a pathway to the very top.”

As Leisure Leagues, the world’s largest provider of community sports leagues are backing not just the Uni Leagues project, but also are the driving force behind the 6 a side World Cup, players in the leagues will be going to the World Cup in Mexico: “We will be funding students to go to the event as part of the Wales team,” explained Martin, “That was something we were really keen to include in this deal. Why shouldn’t people dream of pulling on the shirt of their nation? The chance to live that experience is vital and Students from USW will now be part of this unforgettable ten days too.”

It is not just players that are benefitting from the opportunities, though, and there is apace for the match officials to be on the plane to Mexico too, with Martin adding: “Too often the referees get forgotten and we were determined that with this deal that wasn’t going to be the case, so we can announce today, funding for referees from these leagues to go to Cozumel and join the elite group of officials – which includes Mark Clattenburg – and referee in front of crowds of thousands in the stadium and hundreds of millions more online.”

Steve Savage – Head of Sport at the University – hailed what he called “an exciting partnership” and added it provided not just opportunities for officials and players, but also alumni in courses such as Football Coaching and Performance, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Science, Analysis, Exercise and Sports Therapy as well as Sports Journalism.

The leagues are already shaping up to be huge, and to join click here:

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