December 14th 2020
Doncaster's Knockout League Gets A Heavyweight Visitor

At Leisure Leagues we like to run knockout leagues, and we never punch above our weight. In fact, you might say we are the heavyweight champions of the world when it comes to small sided football.

Ok, that’s enough of the boxing puns, but the reason for them was the recently retired former Commonwealth title challenger, Dave Allen, playing in our Doncaster league last night, with the appearance documented on Instagram.

Allen – who fought with the nickname The White Rhino –  announced his retirement from the sport last month saying: “The reason for me calling it a day is simple. I don’t want to get punched anymore. Long gone are the days of the kid from Donny who wants to fight. All I want now is a nice quiet life with a wife and some kids. Healthy and happy getting nice and fat.”

And that “nice quiet life” includes a game of 6 a side with his mates in the Bee Sting team, as he joined in with the guys at Astrea Academy.

His skills couldn’t prevent the Bee Sting boys falling to a 6-1 defeat – although it was a tough test as in the other corner (that really is the last boxing pun…maybe) were the league leaders Dacia Wolves, who showed their class.

The bee boys will next be buzzing against mid-table FC Romania when the league resumes in the New Year, when the gloves will really be off in the pursuit of points.

Dave Allen retired after 18 wins in a 25 fight career, which included bouts against Dillian Whyte and David Price.

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