October 12th 2020
Leisure Leagues Covid Safety Commitment Means Leagues Can Continue

Leisure Leagues’ commitment to making our leagues Covid safe has paid off with the news that all outdoor leagues can remain on following Boris Johnson’s announcement this afternoon.

Mr. Johnson, who has backed Leisure Leagues fulsomely in the past, told the country of the new “Three Tier” system today, which classifies areas risk from Covid as Medium, High or Very High – with only parts of Liverpool in the third tier at this stage.

As part of this he announced that there would be no change to the current restrictions on outdoor sport, meaning that the measures we have had in place since our competitions returned paid off yet again and our leagues can continue.

These measures go far further than those of other providers and include our leagues being cashless, no bibs, and no one allowed within one metre of the referee.  A full list is below.

Director Tom Nash welcomed the news and added: “It is of course vital that we all do our bit to beat this awful virus, but we are thrilled that the work we have done, together with the money we have spent on the new Anyone Can Pay feature, means that we can continue to provide vital fitness to communities everywhere.”

Leisure Leagues has seen a surge in team entries across the country since lockdown restrictions were ended in July, with September seeing more team entries than in another single month, and Tom put that down to  clamour for normality after the restrictions of the spring. “Absolutely, teams have been telling us they can’t wait to get started,” he said. “Many have joined from other providers because they know we are stronger on our measures as well as the quality of our leagues, pitches and commitment to discipline and we welcome them all.”

To find a Covid-safe league near you, click here.

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