August 4th 2016
Leisure Leagues Is Where The Hart Is

Steven Hart was the winner of our Player Card Competition – and celebrated with a bottle of Leisure Leagues champagne at his wedding!

Steven, the skipper of Sporting Hardon in our Gateshead league, became the first player in the country to fill his player card in and not only did his team receive a Leisure Leagues prize package, but Steven enjoyed a bottle of champagne at his own big fixture just a few days later.

Our cameras were on hand to capture the moment when the lads Рwho have Steven as their trusty goalie between the sticks Рtook delivery of their prize.

However, even better was to come as Steven starred in his very own Match of the Day just a few days later, when he married his lovely wife Lisa. The ceremony took place last weekend, but even then, the football mad keeper couldn’t quite hang up the gloves for the day, as the happy couple celebrated with a bottle of Leisure Leagues Champagne at the top table. A delighted Steven said: “What more can I ask for than celebrating my wedding with a bottle of Leisure Leagues Champagne! Thanks guys.”

Sporting Hardon play in our brand new Monday night league in Gateshead, which takes place at the International Stadium. They currently sit fourth, with a record of two wins, a draw and a defeat.

Anyone who wants to join Steven in the league can sign up for free today at:

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