The Leisure Leagues Experience

The Leisure Leagues Experience

Maybe you’ve played small sided football before, or perhaps you are thinking about having a game for the first time. If you have played games in leagues operated by less well established and dare we say, inferior league providers, you might think that all leagues up and down the country look the same. 

The videos above - do they look like your league? 

What about rules? Well, we know how important those are and we are certain that our leagues are the most disciplined in the world. Designed to make the football flow and the games enjoyable,

How about we let the World's best ref explain more? Just look above. 

Impressed? Good, we thought you would be. No doubt you are ready to sign up. But if you're still not sure, there's a former England international and current Leisure Leagues player to help on video four.

So now you're ready to sign up - there's some instructions on video five too.

Oh and there's one last signing up for our leagues you'll get the chance to play for your country at the World Cup. 

Like this.

And we are not just for teams. You can sign up to all our leagues as a single player and we'll help you find a team.