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Leaders Larches getting beat of 2nd place take it easy
Last years winners Larches finding it hard to claim there 2nd league title by losing 3 - 2 to close rivals take it easy and with only 2 games remaining 3 teams can win the league with leaders larches playing fulwood 6 next week  and am sure the game will be a good as fulwood 6 are fighting it o...
Monday 14th october
Larches go 2 points clear and take the top spot winning 5 - 1 against garny boys after 2nd place take it easy lose 4 - 3 against fulwood 6, fc united smashed 14 against a makeshift fusiliers team Kirkland looking like they will get promoted and winning there division, ptown got beat 9 -1 agains...
Monday 7th october
Larches lost there first game in two seasons after getting beat 6- 4 of newboys fc united, Fusiliers hit for 11 and getting beat 4 - 11 to take it easy and garny boys smashing fulwood 6 by 8 - 1 Garny boys 8 -1 fulwood 6The fusilers 4 - 11 take it easy Fc united 6 - 4 larchesTop of the tab...
Monday 30th
Larches remain on top with a comfortable win 11 - 2 over fusiliers., garny boys losing 1 - 7 agaisnt take it easy and fc united couldnt manage there first win against fulwood 6 loosing 8 - 4Larches 11 - 2 fusiliersGarny boys 1 - 7 take it easyFc united 4 - 8 fulwood 6Division 1Driving instructors ma...
Monday night Ashton 6 a side football
Ashton 6 a side football premiership with all games getting played and with current leaders larches winning 9 - 3 against fulwood 6 + tim and an exciting game of football between the fusiliers and garny boys with a late winner winning 3 - 2 take it easy beat new boys fc united in a thriller 9 - 5The...
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