Doncaster Wednesday Premier League

Doncaster over 35's 6-a-side league
The Doncaster Over 35's 6-a-side league at the Astrea Academy is played every Wednesday evening between the hours of 7-9pm on the full size 3G pitch. League games are 30 mins long in length at a cost of £30.You play one game every week with a qualified official in either a 10-game or 14-game se...
Doncaster 6 A SIDE over 35's FOOTBALL LEAGUE IS HERE!
DONCASTER 6-A SIDE OVER 35'S FOOTBALL LEAGUE IS HERE!Leisure Leagues Doncaster are proud to announce the arrival of a new Doncaster over 35's 6-a side league at the Astrea Academy. We are now recruiting 6-a side football teams (over 35's) to our Wednesday Night league, weekly league run from 6:...