October 26th 2023

Gosport Wednesday 6 a side WEEK SIX RESULTS

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In an exhilarating week 6 of the Gosport Wednesday 6-a-side Football League, we were treated to an array of impressive performances across the Premier League and Division 1.

In the Premier League, the spotlight was undeniably on Only Fools And Scorers who delivered a stunning 7-0 victory against Murder On Zidanes Floor. This triumph was largely fuelled by the remarkable James Algar, who found the net three times to secure his position as this week's top scorer. Algar's performance not only lit up the match but also earned him the title of the most valued player of the week.

Other notable victories in the Premier League included Scran Frank's decisive 6-1 win over the returning Yard Boiz FC, Van Brockhurst's 3-0 triumph against The Breadrins Curse FC, and GBCCFC's narrow 3-2 victory over The Untouchaballs to mark their intent as they return to the league in style. 

Over in Division 1, Nathan Sitch of Fish Fingers FC matched Algar's tally, scoring three goals to lead his team to a 6-3 victory against Bweaty Swollocks FC. Sitch's performance secured his place as the top scorer for Division 1 this week.

Additional notable results in Division 1 included Saka Potatoes' 4-0 win over Gosham Fc, South Coast Rejects' 6-2 domination against Hex FC, and Fiorentina Turner's narrow 4-3 victory against Snatit FC.

As we move into week 7, fans are eager to see if Algar and Sitch can maintain their scoring streaks and if their respective teams, Only Fools And Scorers and Fish Fingers FC, can continue their winning momentum. More thrilling football awaits in the Gosport Wednesday 6-a-side Football League.

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