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4G Pitch - Student League Discounted Entry Fee (Limited Time Only)
Cantell Maths and Computing School (Student Leagues)
Southampton Thursday
6 a side league
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Violet Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 3GJ, United Kingdom
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1 14 68 22
2 14 26 19
3 14 6 16
4 14 6 14
5 14 -7 14
6 14 -18 13
7 14 -34 8
8 14 -47 6
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About Cantell Maths and Computing School (Student Leagues)

Are you looking to set up your own team and play small-sided football in your local area? Leisure Leagues are operating in Southampton, at Cantell School, Violet Road. We're on the lookout for new players and teams to join our huge network and community. With over 184,000 Leisure Leagues games played per year, we're the largest and best provider of casual football in the UK, and in Europe. 

Secure your place within our league by clicking ‘join now’ and we'll get the ball rolling for you.

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