March 17th 2022

Thursday 10th March 2022 - League Report

The Solent and University of Southampton Thursday 6-a-side league at Cantell School

The evening got off to a flyer with the bi-seasonal grudge match between ‘Saka Potatoes’ and ‘Gylfi Pleasures’.  Following the acrimonious split of long-standing Cantell veterans ‘Choomah FC’, the relationship between these teams has been tense to say the least.  Nonetheless, it was the team in red that prevailed, with their dynamic central midfielder pulling all the strings, and most importantly finished their chances in front of goal.  The less said about their opposition’s finishing the better – 3:0 to ‘Saka Potatoes’.  

Elsewhere, ‘5 in the Pink’ comfortably eased past ‘Mayflower FC A’ 5:0.  Secondly, we saw ‘OE 6s’ beat ‘Unathletico Madrid’ 2:0 in what was described as a ‘low quality encounter’, but perhaps the winners can be let off after their antics the night previous.  ‘Mayflower FC A’ thankfully stepped in to replace no-shows ‘KOTC FC’, giving ‘Glen Drillerz’ a surprisingly tasty affair considering the friendly nature of the match.  Most shocking of all was the deftness with which ‘Glen Drillerz’, not known for scoring many, pinged a pinpoint 30-yard through ball to their striker who very adeptly cushioned the volley into the back of the net.  However, the fervour was not to last as ‘Mayflower FC A’ hit back and won 4:1.  

Finally, ‘Chamberlain FC’ drew 2:2 against ‘I Kante Fit My Willian’, very fittingly making their swansong appearance as replacements for ‘Black Swans’, albeit with a much-changed and less likeable team.  ‘Rodallega Bombs’ played ‘SD FC’ in the match of the night – a back-and-forth 5:5 draw which saw the latter, a rebranding and improvement in calibre of last season’s ‘Stannmorre Stores’, score twice at the death to bring the game level.  Meanwhile, ‘Stem K Dons’ lost 1:0 to ‘Not A Kalou’.

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