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Loughborough Sunday Premier League Articles

Dear all teams.Please let us know by 8:00pm tonight whether you can make Leisure Leagues on Sunday or not.Due to exceptional circumstances, if your team cannot make it and you let us know by 8:00pm, you will not be charged for the game.If you don't let us know by that time, we will assume you can ma...
Leisure Leagues is at Sutton Bonington Campus, LE12 5RD
Dear all players,Leisure Leagues - Loughborough Sunday division will not be at Charnwood College this week. This is due to the College not being able to open.We have had to move the night to Sutton Bonington for this week only (25th November). We will be playing on a 3G pitch this week. We will be b...
New Sunday Team! Welcome Pique Blinders!
We welcome to  Pique Blinders to Loughborough Leisure Leagues at Charnwood College. We hope you enjoy the league and do well! We have ONE space for the league, so please spread the word. We have an amazing offer on at the moment (free entry, half price first game and a free Nike...
Can you beat Out On Bale?
Calling all Loughborough Leisure Leagues players, You may have noticed Out On Bale have won the past two championships with an incredible record. 22 undefeated and 21 wins in that time. We congratulate Connor's boys for their recent success! However, it's time another team dethroned t...
New Season Kick Off Times
Dear all players, Please see your fixtures times for the new season. Remember, we are going back to 40 minute matches next week. The match night will start on 16:40, second match will start at 17:20. The match fee will be £32. We will be finished at 18:00We still have our Offer on: Si...