October 25th 2023

Chelmsford Wednesday 5 a side news 2023-10-25

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In last night's thrilling week 8 of Chelmsford Wednesday's Premier League 5-a-side football league, the competition was as fierce and the action as fast-paced as ever.

Lisp United claimed a hard-fought victory over the formidable CHELMSFORD CHAMPIONS, with a narrow win of 2-1. The match showcased a fantastic array of talent, with both teams demonstrating a blend of tactical proficiency and individual brilliance. The United's top scorer was instrumental in securing the win, showcasing not only his scoring prowess but also his ability to bring others into play.

In another closely contested match, Passion FC edged Tinchy Sneijder in a thrilling 3-2 victory. Passion FC's top scorer was in fine form as he netted twice, proving pivotal in swinging the balance of the game in their favor.

Gangsters Allardyce put on a sterling performance, outplaying Monday Night Football with a resounding 6-1 victory. The Gangsters' top scorer had an outstanding night, netting three of the six goals in an impressive display of attacking football.

In a rollercoaster of a match, Two Brewers and Tenkem FC shared the spoils in a high scoring 4-4 draw. Both teams demonstrated tremendous resilience and attacking flair. The Brewers and Tenkem FC's top scorers were at their best, each bagging a brace.

As the season progresses, the Premier League division is proving to be a thrilling battleground for supremacy. The fight for top spot continues to intensify, with each team showing determination and grit. Fans can expect more thrilling fixtures as we head into week 9.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Chelmsford Wednesday Premier League. It's all still to play for, and nobody is giving up without a fight.

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