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Thursday 11th july
Last night was a good night of football with couple of teams on holiday and 1 team has left there was couple of friendlies on last night and thanks to everyone for turning up.Slumdog still on top in the prem with only 3 goals conceding this season  and was 5-0 winners due to the opposition drop...
Thursday 4th july
Thursday was a good night of football all teams shown up and there was some really good games, sumdog remain top of the premiership and still unbeaten even tho little rippers gave them a good game winning 4-3, brookside and bedtner over had a good game of 4-3.Six offenders went top of division 1 wit...
Thursday 27th june results and tables updated
Thursday was a very good night of football at clayton green 5 a side the sun was shining and was hot but the players played very well and there was some good games of football to watchSlumdog mignolet still unbeaten in 4 games now with another 7-0 win and still yet to conceded a goal that may change...
Thursday 20th results and tables updated
Thursday 20th tables and results have been updated on a very good night of football at clayton green sports centre, all teams turned up and there was some really good games of football, the friendly between spice girls (Monday night)  v clayton fc was game of the night there wast much friendlin...
Thursday 14th june
Thursday 14th june results and tables have been updated. The night was very good with changes to fixtures for both leagues and still run smoothly without any problems, was some good football with an excellent result from slumdog mignolets 8 -0 victory over new boys game of stones, Game of the n...
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